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[ETRI venture business] [Venture certification] [Defense industrial company [Excellent technology
selection certification] grade certification]

[KIBO A+ Members [Innovation Management [Certification of S/W quality] [Confirmation as
selection certification] Confirmation form SME] an innovative small business]

[07' Certification of [Promising Export Firm by] [13' Certification of [Performance certification]
New Technology] the small business Administraion] New Technology]

[Export Certificate of [Certification of [Certification of [Korea trade organization
Origin by item] good design selection] good design selection] Membership Card]

[A million dallar [Certification of [Certification of [Certification of excellent
Export tower award] specialty trading company] global obtain lead company] product appointment]

Head office : (39408) 302, MHK B/D, 5 Indong 20-gil, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
TEL :1544-9013 / 054-473-1231 FAX : 054-473-5231