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Providing graphical map based on real terrain features displaying the accurate information of the hole. By this feature it provides
various function such as auto hole recognition, auto zoom, and data record to enjoy the game.

· Display the distance
It display information of the distance to the green, golf ball, bunker, hazard, etc. on the actual map.

· Golf Course automatic
It automatically recognizes the location and displays the information on the screen automatically.

· Left&Right green selection and checking function
It displays the nearset part and the most remote part of the green by user's location.

· Auto zoom function of the hole image
It automatically enlarges the map image when the user passes the 1/3 of the distance from the hole.

· Green play function
It automatically enlarges the green image when the user reaches the green.

· Shot display mode during the game
It will display the score by the icon on the screen when the user presses the shot key.

· Digital score card function
Displays real-time information of digital score card check, cumulative and individual hole scores,
penalty record, numbers of puts, and distance by clubs.

· Penalty stroke input function
It can enter the information of the penalty strokes of OB or hazards

· Clubs information input function(auto, manual)
Golf club selection by the remaining distance can be enter automatically or manually.

· Check the entire hole score
It can check the game record after the game.

· Check the path of the game
It can check the shot information and the distance information of each used during the game.

· Check the entire hole score
It can check the user's game style by providing the statistical information of the game record.

Using environment




75g (Including battery)

PC Interface



2.0 inch TFT lcd Color



Operating temperature


Operation hour

12 hour and more


Waterproof and can use waterproof pack

GPS Data


SiRFStarlll 12 Channel

Save function of golf course maps

Total 227 golf cours can be stored

Margin of error




1000mAh Li-Ion battery

Product Configuration


Single-o, Data cable, case, manual


Waterproof pack, Luxury leather case, 24pin portable charger

System requirement

Pentium 500MHz and up
Microsoft windows 98/NT/2000/XP
Microsoft Explorer 6.0 and up
USB 1.1 and up

· Easy golf game management and game records management

· Basic

Product(single-i) Date cable Case Manual

· Option

Waterproof pack 24pin portable charger Leather case

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