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AFSIS-6, stands for Airport Facilities Safety Integrated Management System, is developed to monitor real-time on the safety status of
the airplanes, various vehicles main facilities within the airport where passengers' airplanes boarding, cargo shipping and other
activites taking place.

Based on total 6 services, AFSIS-6 provides integrated management of safety management and operational capabilities on airplanes
or various vehicles within the airport

A. Airside Safety Management Technology for Moving objects
· Can provent airport accidents due to increased number of moving vehicles' flights in the airport with safety management technology
   on GPS-based moving objects (aircraft other vehicles)

B. Intelligent signal control technology for the major crossing point of the aircraft and vehicle
· Increase work efficiency on airport operation center from using sensor in controlling signals lights and prevent accidents of airplanes
   and vehicles at the crossing area.

C. Safety Management of FOD (Foregin Object Debris) in Airside Movement Area
· Safe management from rapid collection & recovery on exisiting runway debris (FOD) and damaged pavement.

D. Management of Special Vehicles such as De-icing Vehicles
· SUpervision of real-time monitoring of special vehicles (snow & ice removing vehicles) during snow and ice removing operations
   in heavy snow weather.

E. Emergency response and supporting technology for the outside agency such as fire station and hospital
· Deliver prompt action by providing exact point of accident, optimal path to the location, real-time information to ambylances and
   fire trucks in airport emergenct.

F. Safety Management for Airport Electrical Power Lines
· Can detect faults and do prompt action in advance from real-time monitoring of major power lines.

A. Management of airport facilities and moving objects
B. Port's facilities and fleet management
C. Fleet management and lost child prevention services for entertainment facilities
D. Shipyard's Vehicle Management
E. Security facilities' and fleet management
F. Steel maills' facilities and fleet management

[Moving Object Safety Subsystem] [Vehicle Mobile Subsystem]

[Conceptional diagram of DGPS Network based] [Intelligent signal control on major crossing area between
moving object detecting system] aircraft and vehicles]

[Conceptional diagram of positive safety management for [Conceptional diagram of remote management of specialized
the FOD / pavement damage on movement area] vehicles such as de-icing trucks]

[Conceptional diagram of counter measure and [Conceptional diagram of airport power facility]
support of the external cooperative organizations] status cognizing technique]

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