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What is an embedded system?

Embedded system is a system to control the mechanical or device by setting microprocessor
which acts as a brain. It is a chip built into the unit to operate the software rather than using a disk.
Automobiles, mobile phone, electronics, factory automation equipment and other electronic devices
are equipped with embedded systems. Embedded system can be separated by hardware and software.
Embedded software is software installed to the embedded system of electronic devices for its purpose.
For example, it is installed to mobile phone, television laundry machine, elevator for its purpose.
Embedded software includes real-time operating system (RTOS), middleware, application program,
software development tool, etc.

In addition, there is a firmware which does not use RTOS. Insopack co., Ltd. will provide the best service to the customers by
the years of accumulated knohow and technology by experiencing developing defense articles,mobile phones,control mobile phones,
control system

        1) S/W
        - Porting operating systems : Android, WinCE 5.0/6.0, VxWorks etc.
        - Device drivers : C, Assembly
        - Application program : C/C++/API/MFC, Visual Basic, JAVA, Assembly
        - Firmware : C, Assembly

        2) H/W Platform
        - ARM Coretex-A9 series
        - ARM Coretex-M3 series
        - ARM 11 series
        - ARM 9 series
        - PowerPC 82x series
        - C8051 series
        - DSP54x series

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