Respect for Humankind,
A Core philosophy of our company

Insopack, Co., Ltd.
A group that values mankind

Insopack as a defense company, has been researching and developing communication equipment including but not limited to cellphones and radio for the past 20 years.

For military usage, we have developed and currently are mass producing communication devices for the K2 armored vehicle, combatant radio for soldiers, and special operations radio. And for civilian use, special radios are developed for industrial fields and sports fields.
As a leading developer of digital radio, we are gaining trust from the global market and are steadily growing.

All achievement could be made only with the help of our coworkers that endeavored through difficult process of product development and mass production. And as the name of the company Insopack means ‘a group that values mankind,’ we are trying our best to share the value and benefit gained with the ‘people’ under the motto of a life time job.

Thank you for your support as we become the leading company in radio develop through our unique technology and the know-hows that we have.
Thank you