• 2020~


    • 03.High Speed Communication Device third mass production contracted, first and second mass produced product retroactivity confirmed
    • 06.Special Operations Radio purchase business contracted


    • 05.Selected for Special Operation Radio purchase business
  • 2015~2020


    • 03.Selected for Combatant Radio purchase business


    • 01.Supplied ACRO-PRR2 to the Korean Special Forces
    • 01.ISO 9001:2015 certified


    • 04.Mass produced headset type full duplex radio (ACRO-ANC)
    • 05.Built a VAR(Video Assistant Referee) communication system for the Korea Football Association
    • 06.Supplied an Uninterrupted Wireless Emergency Broadcasting Device (Subway 5th line)
    • 08.Supplied Spain Madrid Football Federation with two way radio


    • 06.3D carbon mash mat released


    • 04.Supplied the Army Education Command with location based digital radio (ACRO-P)
    • 10.Supplied the Central National Agricultural Cooperative Federation with Unmanned helicopter use two way radio
    • 11.Supplied 6 navy fleets with radio selected as the best commercial goods by the Ministry of Defense
  • 2010~2014


    • 07.Selected for Small Global Defense Company upbringing business
    • 10.Two way radio designated as an excellent product by the Public Procurement Service
    • 12.Supplied the 5th division with a two way radio (ACRO-SM)


    • 01.ISO 9001:2008 certified
    • 01.Mass produced mobile auxiliary battery (Energy Bank)
    • 02.Mass produced two way communication terminal (ACRO-S)
    • 04.New technology (NET) certified
    • 06.Designated as the Army Information School outdoor tactical training control device builder company
    • 06.Designation of promising small and medium-sized export companies and agreement of the Daejeon Defense Venture Center of the Korea Institute of Technology.
    • 06.Registered as a United States of America/Defense Supply vender, NATO procurement vender, UN procurement vender, United States Forces Korea procurement vender
    • 11.Registered as the first vender for large scale distribution network in the United States
    • 12.1 million dollar export tower and Minister award from the minister of Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy awarded


    • 09.Designated as the 7th corps small troop commanding sensor network builder company
    • 10.Selected as Overseas distribution network expansion business agency by the Small and Medium Business Administration
    • 12.Selected as outstanding security company by the Military Security Office


    • 10.Developed Defense Science Research Institute Legged robot wireless LAN
    • 12.Designated as Ministry of Knowledge Economy next generation platform development business prototype company
    • 12.Supplied Army Education Command small troops radio
  • 2005~2009


    • Designated as Military Spectrum management system contraction business verification and evaluation company.03
    • Designed the Gimpo Airport wireless network and developed a GIS engine (AFSIS-6 developed and subcontracted).05
    • Designated as Military frequency management and analysis system building concept study company.07


    • Selected for future solider developer company.01


    • Certified as a management innovating small company.11
    • New technology (NET) and GS(Good Software) certified.12


    • Technology Credit Guarantee Fund A+ Member.06


    • Designated as Samsung Electronics GSM H/W development excellent partners.12
  • 2000~2004


    • Selected as designated defense industry company.01


    • Selected as an excellent company by the Technology Credit Guarantee Fund.01


    • Dusan Group Pakalive Callcenter ‘2001 Korea Web Award’ Excellence Award awarded.02
    • Designated as Ministry of Defense K2 armored vehicle high-speed wireless communication device prototype company.03


    • Designated as Small and Medium Business Administration advanced ERP company.03
    • Designated as Specialized research agent military service exempt company.04
    • Small and Medium Business Administration INNO-BIZ company.08
    • ISO 9001:2001 certified.09


    • Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) venture company.05
    • Insopack Co., Ltd. Affiliated Research Institute.09
    • Small and Medium Business Administration venture company.11