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Insopack co., ltd is a venture company of ETRI established in year 2000.
Now as a defense supplier Insopack co., ltd is focusing telecommunication system for K2 tank, new type digital radio series WING
and future army system. And also they are developing ACRO series, airport safety management system AFSIS-6 and Any call.
They have developed GPS base distance measuring device Single-I, airport safety management system AFSIS-6, radio,Video wireless
handsets, 2.4GHz / 5GHz wireless LAN AP, wireless tank analysis design tool.

The total process will take about a month but it can be differ by Insopack co., Ltd's environment.

- Application Form ((http://www.insopack.co.kr) Recruitment page on the bottom part Down load Application Form)
- Final transcript
- Copy of License (Interviewers only)


        Recruitment Field

        Research Development Field




        · Terminal System
        · Antenna design and
        · DSP Design
        · Modem Design
        · RF Design
        · Security Design

        · Develop Communication systems
          for military use and Ad-hoc
        · Develop GPS terminals
        · Develop Antenna
        · Develop Wireless lan
        · Develop Video communication
        · Develop communication modem
        · Develop radio
        · Develop charger
        · Develop security equipment and

        (Graduation and Completion)

        Gumi, Gyeongbuk,
        Suwon, Gyeonggi


        · Mobile Phone

        · GSM/CDMA/EDGE/3G/4G

        Suwon, Gyeonggi

        · System S/W
           -RTOS Porting
           -Device Driver

        · Application S/W
           -Network Programmer
           -C,C++, VC++, API, MFC


        · Develop Embedded Terminal
        · RTOS Porting (Linux, Symbian,
          VxWorks,TROM,Nuceus, etc.)
        · Develop Device Driver
        · Develop Middleware
        · Develop Video CODEC
        · Develop Audio CODEC
        · Develop GIS Engine
        · Develop Application
        · Develop Communication protocol
        · Develop interference analysis tool
        · SDR(Software Defined Radio)
        · Develop Security software

        Gumi, Gyeongbuk,
        Suwon Gyeonggil

- Working days : 5 days a week
- Salary : annual salary (in the case of new workers it will follow the company's regulation)
- Pension insurance : pension, unemployment insurance, accident insurance, health insurance
- Holidays : Closed every Saturday (5 days work week), regular holidays
- Provides dormitories, company housing (company policy)
- House charter capital and interest-free loans
- Finance supporting program
- Graduate-Master&programsupportingsystem (company policy)
- Conductperiodichealthexamination

- Deadline : Until recruitment
- Application via mail : MHK B/D 401, 12-1 Jinpyeong-dong, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea 702-360
- Application via email : master@insopack.co.kr
- How to submit Email or by mail
- If there is misrepresented information then the recruitment will be canceled

Please contact for more derailed information
- Contact : Ms. Yoon, Y M
- Contact info : +82 - 54-473-1231 / master@insopack.co.kr

Please state the desired area, desired job field, desired salary and contact information.

Head office : (39408) 302, MHK B/D, 5 Indong 20-gil, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
TEL :1544-9013 / 054-473-1231 FAX : 054-473-5231